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Using Peel and Stick Veneers on your Cricut

Have you ever tried cutting out wood veneer on your Cricut only to just get frustrated applying it to your project? Too much glue, not enough glue... argh! Well our new Peel & Stick Veneers are the solution to this problem.

Peel & Stick Veneers
Available in a few different wood species and sizes, these veneers are extremely easy to work with. They cut well, and they apply to your projects even easier.

Peel and Stick veneers available in Canada for the Cricut Peel and stick veneer for the Cricut

How to use our Peel & Stick Veneers on your Cricut:
Please read this entire section before starting your project

- Use a StrongGrip mat
- Use a DeepPoint Blade and housing (must be sharp!) 
- Align the grain of the veneer along the length of your mat and tape around the edges using painters tape (grain direction is important and especially if you are using multiple sheets for larger projects) 
- Select the "Wood Veneer" option on your Cricut Maker or "Custom" on your Cricut Explore
- Be patient! All good things are worth waiting for. If your machine states 10 passes, then wait until it's complete. Don't rush the process, it's not worth it :-)
- When the machine has completed cutting, before removing your entire project try peeling away a small section as a test. If it is not cut all the way through, try another pass. If it has cut all the way through, remove the mat 
- When removing the veneer, go slow and carefully.
- Use transfer paper to apply your design, or manually place your design on to your project

Additional Tips:
- Save your intricate designs for other materials. Wood is wonderful, but it can't handle the delicate and tiny designs that card stock and vinyl can
- If you're finding that the blade is just not cutting through, switch to a sharper blade
- Save your offcuts! Cut off the unused portion of the veneer, and store flat for future projects. Don't worry if you have an odd shape - you can tell the Cricut where to begin cutting. You don't always have to start cutting in the top-left corner of your mat. DIY Craft Blogger Jennifer Maker has tons of helpful resources on her website. Definitely check her out! 
- If you want a huge time saving trick, use a Precision Woodworking T-Square by Woodpeckers. Makes aligning your projects even easier.

Intrigued? Shop for our Peel & Stick Veneers here 

How to use wood veneers for the Cricut

Cutting veneer on a Cricut

Materials used to make the above sign:
Walnut 12" x 12" Peel & Stick Veneer
Baltic Birch 1/4" x 12" 

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Hannah J Parrish - January 7, 2022

thanks for the great tutorial. I wanted to ask if i have a sort of engrave in the wood panel like engraved shapes or something. will i still be able to veneer it ?
☀️ ☀️

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