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Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers

As the festive season approaches, it's time to show appreciation for the woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts in your life. Thoughtful Christmas gifts that ignite their passion for woodworking will surely be appreciated!

Whether they're seasoned professionals or budding artisans, finding the perfect Christmas gift for woodworkers can be slightly daunting - especially if you aren’t a workworker yourself. In this article, we'll share a curated selection of gifts for woodworkers, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts. From must-have tools that enhance their workshop to unique products that add a touch of flair to their creations, we've got you covered.

We'll highlight and link to various KJP Select Hardwoods products in hopes of helping you find the most perfect Christmas gift for the woodworker in your life!

In this article:

Gift Ideas for Woodworkers They’re Sure to Love

Woodworking covers a wide range of styles. There’s furniture-making, turning, carving, laser cutting, musical instrument making, and much much more!

When thinking of gift ideas for woodworkers, start by asking yourself what kind of woodworking they enjoy.

  • Do they make furniture?
  • Do they make bowls on a lathe?
  • Do they create projects on a laser cutter?
  • Do they carve intricate designs on wood?
  • Do they build guitars?

There are so many aspects of woodworking, and we have thoughtfully designed our website to accommodate the needs of all styles of woodworking. Once you know what they enjoy building, you can narrow down what type of wood or woodworking product you can surprise them with. We have entire sections on our website dedicated to specific woodworking genres like Wood Carving, Tonewood, Wood turning, etc.

1) Lumber

Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

From our experience, there are no wrong gift ideas for woodworkers. They can always find a use for another piece of wood. You will never hear a woodworker say they have too much wood! Never hesitate to spice up someone's wood collection with something from our S4S Lumber section. Regardless of the tools they own, these boards are ready to go with no milling required.

Browse S4S Lumber

2) Festool Tools

Woodworking Tool Gifts

The Festool brand is known throughout the woodworking community as THE brand for high-quality woodworking tools. These world-renowned tools are definitely an investment, but their precision and capabilities are unmatched, and the time they save is unmeasurable. No one would ever regret owning a Festool tool.

With the holiday season approaching, your timing couldn’t be better as Festool has recently launched some incredible new tools, including a Cordless Table Saw, the new CT 25, the TS 60 KEB track saw and more. Shop all the new Festool products here.

Shop Festool

3) Pica-Dry Pencil

Gifts for Carpenters
The best stocking stuffer for woodworkers is most definitely a pencil. We personally love the Pica-Dry Pencils. With a built-in sharpener and water resistant lead, this is a pencil designed for the long term. You will have it for years!

4) Bowl Blank Starter Packs

Gift Ideas for Wood Turners

Save on our Bowl Blank Starter Packs. And why not individually wrap these wood turning blanks to make it look like you bought 3 different presents? Choose from Domestic and Exotic starter packs. As these blanks are already round, it’s a great way to practice your woodturning skills while also experimenting with 3 different wood species.

5) Chisels

Chip away with wood blanks that are soft enough to practice on, but durable enough for all your projects. Consider shopping at Lee Valley Tools for high-quality wood chisels.

6) KJP Gift Card

Best Gifts for Woodworkers

Shopping for a woodworker who already has everything? A KJP gift card can be a great gift this holiday season! As we ship worldwide daily, our gift cards are suitable for those in driving distance and across the globe. We offer gift cards in any denomination and they never expire. Let the woodworker in your life choose their own Christmas gift at our candy store for wood lovers.

Order a Gift Card

7) Apparel from Their Favorite Supplier

Not a fan of gift cards? Support your favourite wood store with some cozy apparel! Choose from two different tuques and the coziest sweater you’ll ever wear.

Shop KJP Apparel

FAQs About Gifts for Woodworking

What are the Best Gifts for Beginner Woodworkers?

For beginners, consider gifts that focus on building their tool collection and enhancing skills. Basic hand tools, instructional books, or workshop classes make excellent choices. Safety equipment like goggles, ear protection, and dust masks are also essential for newcomers to the craft.

Is it Possible to Gift Woodworking Classes or Workshops?

Yes, woodworking classes make excellent gifts. Workshops and classes are available for all skill levels and can be found locally or online. They offer hands-on experience, professional guidance, and an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills. If you’re near our shop, we offer a range of woodworking classes in Ottawa!

What Types of Woods are Appreciated as Gifts by Woodworkers?

Woodworkers often appreciate high-quality, exotic, or specialty woods that they might not purchase themselves. Consider types like Mahogany, Teak, or Zebrawood. Ensure the wood is ethically sourced and treated to offer a sustainable and high-quality gift.

Order Gifts for the Woodworker on Your List from KJP Select Hardwoods

Well, that about wraps up our Christmas gift ideas for woodworkers! We hope this gives you some great ideas for the woodworker in your life. 

Shop Hardwood Lumber & Tools

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