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Materials for the New Glowforge Aura

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Our Top 5 Materials Designed for the New Glowforge Aura! 

If you come from the Cricut world, the launch of the new Glowforge Aura is probably mind-blowing to you! Finally, a small machine has been launched that can actually cut a decent thickness at a decent speed! It's about time that Glowforge introduced this concept. 

Our previous laser cutting materials were geared toward larger machines with sheet sizes 12" x 19" and larger. To make things easier for our crafty customers, here are our top 5 recommendations for materials that will fit and cut on a Glowforge Aura. 

1) Diode Laser Cutting Starter Package - 3mm

Enjoy testing our top 5 laser materials, all cut to fit inside your Glowforge Aura. These packages include 5 pieces: 1 piece of All-Birch, Baltic Birch, Red Acrylic, HDF, and Maple Craft Plywood.

Test them all out and pick a favourite (or two!), as these are always stock items. We suspect you will love working with the Maple Craft Plywood. If that's the case, you'll be pleased to know that we also offer the same material in more than a dozen different wood species. If you enjoy working with acrylic, we offer acrylic sheets in several other colours also.  

Diode Laser Cutting Material of Glowforge Aura

2) Mixed Craft Plywood Pack

Spice up your craft and laser projects with a real hardwood veneer! There is nothing more stable than working with these sheets. You'll never have to think twice about warping issues! Get crafty with your Aura with these high-quality laser cutting sheets. And if you love this material, we have several other options to choose from, including Rosewood, Teak, and Zebrawood just to name a few.

Just include in the notes section of the invoice that you would like them cut down to 12", and we'll make it happen!

Mixed Craft Plywood for the Glowforge Aura

 3) 12" Plywood Circles

A plywood circle that fits in your Glowforge Aura? Yes please! These circles will pop right down on your laser bed, ready to be personalized. You will love how they look when engraved. We also recommend Rubio Monocoat Pure, which is an easy one-coat finish to polish them up. We also offer 12" Walnut Plywood Circles, which are quite popular as well. 


Plywood Circles for Glowforge Aura


4) Wood Veneers

From 1/42" to 1/4" thick, we have dozens of different wood veneers and wood thins to select from! We invite you to explore this section to find the ideal Glowforge Aura materials for your project. Think Maple, Walnut, Padauk, Purpleheart, and many more domestic and exotic woods. 


Wood Veneers for Glowforge Aura


5) 12" x 12" Baltic Birch

Maximize the entire laser bed with our new 12" x 12" Baltic Birch sheets. The 1/8" is the most popular option for easy and fast cutting. 

You may also like our Craft Plywoods that are also available in 12" x 12" sizes. 

Baltic Birch Plywood for Glowforge Aura


Summing Up the Best Glowforge Aura Materials

In the crafting world, the options for projects and materials to tackle them are virtually endless. By no means are these the only materials for the Glowforge Aura. However, we highly recommend trying any of our five best Glowforge Aura materials:

  • Diode Laser Cutting Starter Package
  • Mixed Craft Plywood
  • 12” Plywood Circles
  • Wood Veneers
  • 12” x 12” Baltic Birch

Order Your Glowforge Aura Materials from KJP Select Hardwoods

Well, that wraps up our top 5 suggestions for recommended Glowforge Aura laser cutting materials! Why not try a few and take advantage of our free shipping promotion! Some exclusions apply - see here for all the details. 

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