Festool Polisher

150mm Polishing Felt (5 pack)
150mm Premium Sheepskin

Interested in a Festool Polisher? Try the SHINEX. With variable speed settings, you can adapt this tool for any application. Its lightweight design prevents strain on your body; it weighs just 4.6 lbs (2 kilos)!

The latest model has improved internal systems for cooler running and longer life. With the fluff filter, the SHINEX protects the motor from contaminants and environmental debris. This high torque polisher can spin up to 1,400 RPM!

We also carry accessories for your polisher. The 150mm Polishing Felt 5 pack is available in hard or soft options. Use the soft felt for applying finishes to semi-flat or slightly contoured surfaces; use the hard felt for applying waxes and polishes to hard and flat surfaces. Or, pick up the 150mm Premium Sheepskin for an even polishing finish.

When you’re adding the finishing touches to your next project, be sure to pick up a Festool Polisher at KJP Select Hardwoods.