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Festool Vacuum Clamping

Festool Vacuum Clamping

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When you’re designing and finishing a workpiece, you need something to keep it stable as you work. The Festool Vacuum Clamping module is the perfect solution.

The VAC SYS system makes woodworking more ergonomic, effective, and effortless. These clamping systems are adaptable and interchangeable.

You can use Festool Vacuum Clamping systems for smoothing, painting, filing, sawing, planing, sanding, or milling materials. These clamps can be used on sensitive or delicate surfaces without damaging them. Using the foot valve vacuum plate, you can quickly ventilate your workspace.

Rotate your workpiece up to 360° and tilt it from 0° to 90°. This flexibility helps reduce the back strain that results from bending over and around your workpiece. With this heavy-duty system, you can clamp workpieces that weigh up to 65 lbs.

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