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Why You Should Choose KJP As Your American Wood Supplier

We’ve developed a reputation as Canada’s premier shop for wood and woodworking supplies. We’re proud of our reputation, and our contributions to the Canadian woodworking ecosystem. But we’ve set our sights even higher.

Our goal is to be the premier wood and woodworking supplier in North America.

Visiting our site from the United States? There are a ton of advantages to choosing KJP as your wood supplier:

U.S Dollars Go Further in Canada

As of the writing of this article, one U.S. Dollar is worth over 25% more than a Canadian dollar. That means your money is worth a lot more here - which can translate to more wood and woodworking supplies for less money.

We all know that wood and woodworking supplies can be costly, so any discounts you can find are a good thing. And you can rest assured that you’ll find very competitive pricing at KJP. We work with suppliers to ensure that we can carry some of the highest quality products on the market at competitive prices.

We’ve Got the Woods

KJP carries a wide assortment of different hardwoods. We’ve got over 40 different species of wood available, ranging from reliable domestic woods like Maple to colourful exotics like Purpleheart. No matter what you want your next project to look and feel like, we’ve got the wood you need. From lumber to burls, we carry it all.

We also carry a wide variety of different plywoods. We’ve got an extensive collection of Baltic Birch, by far one of the best plywoods for laser cutting. And we have a ton of high-quality non-Baltic Birch plywoods, too - Cherry, Maple, Walnut, and even variety packs of plywood are available for you to purchase.

And the Supplies You Need

Having a hard time finding pre-drilled C-Channels? We understand - not everyone has the tools to drill their own. That’s why we carry a wide assortment of pre-drilled C-Channels.

Want to buy Made in America products? We’ve got your back. You can find Whiteside, Woodpeckers, Amana, Odie’s Oil, and more Made in America products in our shop.

And we have some of the best tools available on the market, including products from Festool and Shaper. Router bits, saw blades, hardware - anything you need for your project, you’ll find at KJP.

Fast, Affordable Shipping

We’d love to see you in person on your next trip to Canada - our shop is like a candy store for woodworkers, full of beautiful woods and incredible new tools.

Can’t make it over the border? Don’t worry - we offer fast, affordable shipping to the States. We can ship anything, from plywood packs to custom-built tabletops. No item is too big or too small.

So if you’re looking for a wide variety of affordable, high-quality woods and woodworking tools, look no further than KJP Select Hardwoods in Ottawa. We’re proud to serve our American customers and to move forward in our mission to be the best woodworking store in all of North America.

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