Festool Mixer

Mixer MX 1200
MX Dust Extraction Attachment

You’re tired of leaning over buckets to mix powders and plaster; it strains your back and stirs up dust into your lungs. With a Festool Mixer, you can comfortably mix a range of materials without harming your muscles or lungs.

Mixing and stirring have always been messy, strenuous jobs in your workshop. But with a Festool Mixer, this process can be quick, clean, and pain-free.

What Is a Mixer Used For?

Whether you’re mixing paint, concrete, or plaster, a Festool Mixer makes this task much easier. Control the speed with trigger controls and a variable speed dial. As needed, adjust the height of the mixer for ease of use.

The dust extractor works to capture dust as it’s created, completely preventing any exposure to it. With less dust in your work environment, you can keep things cleaner and safer.

Benefits of a Mixer

The height of the mixer is entirely adjustable. You don’t need to hunch over the tool at all; instead, stand comfortably, and use it as you need.

When you’re storing the mixer, you won’t need to worry about knocking it over; it features rubber corner bumpers to keep it securely on the ground. The tool itself has a long service life due to its protective cap, which prevents contaminants from damaging the stirring rod.

In your workshop, mixing powders stirs up a lot of dust. The dust extractor is designed to control and eliminate this problem. Raise or lower the speed as needed so you can prevent the material from splashing up.

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