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Spline Jig

Strengthen your miter joints with Woodpeckers new Spline Jig. A normal mitered corner lacks the long-grain to long-grain contact needed for a strong joint. Since it isn't completely end-grain to end-grain, it will usually hold together for a while, but it's weak and probably won't survive seasonal changes.  You can make the joint rock solid and add a design element at the same time by adding splines across the miters. Woodpeckers Spline Jig makes it simple to add splines to all kinds of mitered joints using either your table saw or router table. Just set the stops to position the cut where you want to add a spline, drop your pre-glued miter project in the jig and make the cut. Glue in the spline and just that quickly, you've made an attractive joint that will last for generations.

Woodpeckers Spline Jig starts with two sections of our Super Track. The powder-coated steel legs hold the tracks square to each other at two different height settings. The wider setting allows your project to ride just barely above the machine table. It's perfect for projects as narrow as 1/2 " and up to 16" wide. When your project exceeds 16", just move the tracks inward to the alternate position and now you can add splines to your long projects.      

UHMW glide strips line the bottoms and edges of the legs, reducing friction and protecting your machine's table and fence from scratches. Just position your fence to put the kerf where you want it, keep a little pressure against the fence and guide your project through the saw blade. There's no simpler way to add strength and stability to your joinery.

To jazz up your spline joints with either wider splines or dovetail splines, move to your router table. Now you can use straight bits to cut spline slots 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" or larger. Install a dovetail bit to give your projects the classic look of dovetails. Cut the matching spline stock in two passes using the same bit. For a bold look, make your splines from stock that contrasts with the box material. Or, be subtle and use the same species…then see how long it takes people to figure out they're not regular dovetails!

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Spline Jig is precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio facility just south of Cleveland. 


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Cary Wheeler (Windsor, CA)
General Impressions of this Company

I have never had a bad shipment of hardwood from KJP which is very important as I live 10 hours away from their store. I rely on their staff to select the best boards from their inventory knowing that sending me sub-par boards is poor customer relations. I am not a large buyer but definitely will be a forever one. Thank you for the care you take