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Adjustable Track Square

The modern track saw has taken the market by storm. It puts industrial table saw accuracy in the field for remodelers and trim carpenters, and for the garage and basement woodworker, it cuts the shop space required to handle sheet goods in half (compared to a table saw). The concept is simple…put the guide rail on your workpiece, drop the track saw on the guide rail, and a straight cut is guaranteed. But, “straight” isn’t enough. Cuts typically need to be parallel to an existing edge, perpendicular to an existing edge, or at a specific angle. Woodpeckers took care of “parallel” last year when we released the Parallel Guide System. Now they have “perpendicular” (and nearly every other angle) under control with the Adjustable Track Square. The Adjustable Track Square mounts to your Festool, Makita, or Triton guide rail in seconds. Once it’s mounted you have locked-in accuracy for square cuts and cuts at any angle up to 60°.

Setting up the Adjustable Track Square couldn’t be easier. Just slide it on and snap the cam buckle. It’s that fast and that simple.  Accurate cuts are as easy as holding the Track Square against the edge of your stock and running your saw along the rail.

Need something other than square? Just unlock the protractor clamp, pull back on the catch and rotate the protractor to your desired angle. The catch firmly snaps in any of the detents spaced every 5° and at 22-1/2°. For angles between the detents, the scale is laser engraved in crisp one-degree increments. The scale is calibrated at the factory and can be easily re-calibrated anytime and anywhere if needed.

The Adjustable Track Square improves the accuracy of your cuts with or without clamping the guide rail down. The angle is locked in and the guide rail can’t slide forward while you’re sawing.

The main frame is machined from the same incredibly stable cast and ground aluminum plate Woodpeckers use in their famous precision woodworking squares. The stainless-steel protractor base rotates on a bronze bushing and glides on low-friction wear-resistant pads. Even the cam buckle is stainless steel. In short, whether you use the Adjustable Track Square every day, all day or just on the weekends it’s designed to keep producing perfect accuracy for decades.  

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Adjustable Track Square is precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio, factory.

Size: Adjustable Track Square in Systainer
Original price $436.95 - Original price $528.95
Original price $436.95
$525.95 - $595.95
Current price $525.95

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J Armstrong (Toronto, CA)

This thing is beautiful!