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Livos Natural Oil Sealer - Kunos 244

Clear long lasting protection!

Only one product is needed to color, seal and protect your floors: a beautiful, simple and natural solution.

  • Very simple to apply, can be done by everybody!
  • Low odor, you can stay at home during the work process.
  • No sanding needed in between coats.
  • High coverage ability, uses up to five times less product than regular toxic varnishes.
  • Exceptional finish quality and stain resistance
  • Approved for food contact according to German standards.


  • First coat: 1 Liter for approx. 237 sq ft
  • Second coat: 1 Liter for approx. 968 sq ft.
  • Third coat: 1 Liter for approx. 2691 sq ft.


  • Wood must be dry (moisture content below 12 %), solid, able to absorb, free of resin and dust. Sand gradually and in accordance with the gradation of the sandpaper grain, for furniture up to 240 grain, exception for oak up to 180 grain, for floors up to 120 grain with a roller grinder (grinding device with sandpaper roller), and then up to 180 grain with grit.


  • Stir thoroughly. Remove possible skin formed on surface. Test application! Depending on surface requirement, absorbency and kind of wood: apply 1 - 3 thin coats until a coating layer has developed. Sand after the 1st coat to reach an especially smooth and high impact surface, by furniture with a pad, a fleece or something similar to at least 280 grain. For floors use a grain less pad (e.g. beige or a felt pad).
  • The wet films of the 1st (generous) and the 2nd coat should be polished in with an orbital sander, single disc rotary machine or a lint-free cotton cloth after about 10 to 15 minutes. The 3rd coat should, after spreading little drops, approx. 1 teaspoon per m2, be polished in immediately. On floors and high impact surfaces, 3 coats should be applied with a flat brush, a shorthair roller, or a single disc rotary machine.
  • All colored applications are to be do done only with a brush or roller. Do not polish and spread excess oil after 15 minutes onto still absorbent areas.
Size: 250ml
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Customer Reviews

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Linda Nardelli (Gibsons, CA)
Great natural product

I've used this oil before and love the richness and how it brings out the beauty of teak wood.