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Osmo 2K Wood Oil

24-hour dry time, 10 colours, & 1 clear!

2K Wood Oil is the first one-coat, solvent-free, 2-component oil based on natural oils from Osmo. Due to the innovative binding agent technology, the certified low-emission surface is fully cured in just one day, saving both time and money. Suitable for all wood flooring, stairs, and furniture surfaces. Ideal for oily and resinous hardwoods and commercial interiors.

  • Simple Application : Only one coat needed, saving time and allowing only one day for application. Mix the two components together for immediate use.
  • Durable Finish :One coat offers astonishing wear resistance and protection making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as flooring and stairs.
  • High Coverage : One litre covers approx. 430-538 ft2 (40-50 m2 ) per coat.
  • Suitable for Commercial Interiors : Due to the short drying time, solvent-free and low-maintenance surface, 2K Wood Oil is ideal for the use in schools, restaurants andother public interiors.
  • Compatible :Suitable for almost all wood species, including oil and resinous woods. Small damages and scratches can easily be spot repaired without any noticeable transitions.


Approx. Coverage 40-50 m²/L (430-538 ft2/L) per coat

Approx. Dry Time 12-24hrs

Number of Coats : 1

1. Osmo 2K Wood Oil is not ready-to-use. Shortly before application, mix the hardener and the oil together (mixing ratio 1:8 vol.%) ensuring both components are thoroughly combined. Do not thin.

Important: Product lifespan after mixing is approx 3-4 hours. Leftover mixed product after this time will expire and must be disposed of appropriately.

2. With an Osmo Double Blade Trowel, distribute 2K Wood Oil across the surface. On
chamfered flooring, apply 2K Wood Oil in sections thinly with Osmo Microfi bre Roller,
without filling the joints.

3. Wait approx. 20-40 minutes for the oil to penetrate into the wood.

4. Buff oil into the wood and even out the surface with a single disc machine with a white
pad. For furniture use the Hand Applicator and white pad.

Note: If the white pad leaves streaks due to too much product being applied, we
recommend replacing the pad and continuing to buff with a new pad until streaks have

5. Drying time approx. 12-24 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23 °C/50 % rel. humidity).
Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity can affect drying time. Ensure space is well

To prevent a possible pressure build-up in the container, allow the oil and hardener
mixtures to completely react before closing the lid (approx. 12-16 hrs).

Size: 375 mL
Colour: Clear Matte 2K
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Osmo 2K Wood Oil