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Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax

Protect end grain!

Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax is perfect for all exterior wood projects where the end grain requires protection from weathering and water ingress. Ideally suited for use as a decking end grain sealer, this product is compatible with other products in the Osmo exterior wood finishes range.

  • An end grain sealer suitable for use on exterior decking, cladding and roof soffits
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • Seals end grain to protect against cracks resulting from weathering
  • Minimises water absorption through cut ends
  • Prevents timber drying out at end grains
  • Helps to prevent wood swelling and shrinkage
  • Dries to a clear finish
  • Based on a blend of natural plant oils and waxes


Approx. Coverage - Up to 5m² per litre

Number of Coats - 2 coats

Application Temp. - +5°C to 35°C

Approx. Dry Time - 4hrs.

    Application Instructions

    1. Timber end grain should be clean, dry and free from surface contaminates that may form a barrier or seal.
    2. Always do a small test area before starting any project to assess compatibility and end result. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin at all times.
    3. Apply End Grain Sealing Wax generously to end grains with an Osmo Soft Tip Brush
    4. For optimal protection for strongly absorbing end grains, apply the sealing wax two times wet-in-wet or, after drying, carry out a second coat
    5. Wipe away any excess wax from other areas with a clean, lint-free cloth
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