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Osmo UV-Protection Oil

Clear natural oil-based UV protective finish!

Osmo UV-Protection Oil Extra is a satin-matt, natural oil based and microporous finish, does not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is water and dirt resistant, moisture regulating and reduces wood swelling and shrinkage. The natural oils enhance the natural character and tone of the wood.

  • Clear Natural Oil-based finish with 12x UV-Protection
  • Very water and dirt resistant
  • Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage
  • 410 Clear is safe for humans, plants and animals once dry
  • 420, 425, 428 & 429 contains biocides to prevent the growth of algae, mildew and fungal attack
  • Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blister
  • No sanding necessary for future applications


Approx. Coverage 16m²/L (172 ft2/L) with one coat

Approx. Dry Time 12 hrs

Number of Coats 2 coats


  • Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (maximum moisture content 20 %) 
  • Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is ready to use, please do no thin, stir well before use.
  • Clean old microporous finishes thoroughly. Remove old varnishes.
  • Please do not sand even surfaces finer than P 120. Always wear a dust mask when sanding.


  • Apply evenly along the wood grain with either an Osmo Natural Bristle Brush or the Osmo Microfibre Roller - spread well.
  • Allow for good ventilation whilst drying.
  • Apply a second coat as before.
  • When applying on an already pigmented surface (or when renovating) 1 coat of the UV-Protection-Oil is enough.

Make sure that the surface has been cleaned prior to application. The finished surface is, among other things, influenced by the wood’s natural characteristics, there- fore a trial application is required before finishing.


Size: 750 mL
Colour: 420 - Clear Extra
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