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Festool - Parallel Guides

Festool Parallel Guides

The Parallel Guides greatly enhances the capability of the Festool Guide Rail System by providing a faster, easier, smarter way to create consistent rip cuts. The Parallel Guides are the two longer sections and offer consistent rip cuts using two adjustable stops that engage the edge of the material parallel to the cut line. They are adjustable up to 650mm (25-19/32"). The Parallel Guide can be used with any length Festool FS/2 guide rail. 

  • Greatly enhances the Guide Rail System by providing a faster, easier, smarter way to make consistent rip cuts
  • Attaches easily and clamps quickly to the guide rail, ensuring secure and consistent cuts
  • Easy to read scale for cuts up to 650mm (25-19/32")
  • Easily calibrated against the guide rail splinterguard for precise, splinterfree and consistent ripping
  • For sawing along the width
  • For fixed cuts, can be re-set using the scale and end stop
  • Mounting on the guide rail without the use of tools


  • Parallel Side Fence - Metric 495717 or Imperial 201182
    • Achieve precise, repeatable rip cuts with two adjustable stop that engage the edge parallel to the cut. Adjustable to 25-19/32" (650mm)
  • Guide Extension - Metric 495718 or Imperial 200183
    • Perfect for making narrow repetitive rip cuts. Attaches to Parallel Guide and accepts the same stops for cuts up to 7-11/16" (195mm)
  • Parallel Guide Set - Metric 203155 or Imperial 203160
    • Includes both Side Fence and Guide Extension
Options: Side Fence (Metric)
Original price $275.00 - Original price $575.00
Original price
$275.00 - $575.00
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