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Backing Pad for Rotex RO 125 FEQ

Festool Sander Backing Pad ST-STF D125/8 

  • Jetstream design delivers highly effective dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes and longer pad and abrasive life
  • Quickly match the pad to the surface with the efficient FastFix tool-less pad change.
  • StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes; enables re-use of partially used abrasives
  • FastFix

Super Soft Pad (Product Number 492126)

  • Super soft pad is more forgiving, producing better sanding results on contours and profiles
  • Ultra-soft version
  • Elastic structure
  • For heavy roundings and cambers

Soft Pad (Product Number 492125)

  • Soft pad produces excellent fine finishes in random orbit mode, yet holds up to high temperatures during heavy-duty applications in rotary mode
  • Soft version
  • High temperature durability burr
  • For universal use on plain and arced surfaces

Hard Pad (Product Number 492127)

  • Hard pad for sanding flat surfaces and narrow edges
  • High temperature durability burr
  • High edge solidity
  • For plain surfaces and narrow edges
    Type: Super Soft Pad
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