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Verawood Bowl Blank

Verawood Bowl Blank (Argentine Lignum Vitae)

We will provide you with a high quality turning blank in the dimensions of your choice. This blank has NOT been kiln dried and is coated in wax to prevent cracking. We recommend using Honey Bee's Natural Wood Cream for a long lasting and food safe finish.

We can sometimes accomodate a larger blank than our standard sizes. Please email us for availability and a quote.

Dimensions may vary +/- 1/4" as we often prefer to lightly skip dress the turning blanks to reveal grain & colour. Some blanks may also come with waxed faces and ends.

Courtesy of The Wood Database:

Heartwood colour can range from an olive to a dark greenish brown to almost black, sometimes with a reddish hue. The color tends to darken with age, especially upon exposure to light. Grain is interlocked, sometimes severely so. Has a very fine texture and an oily feel. Bare wood can be polished to a very fine luster due to its high natural oil content. Lignum Vitae has a tendency to skip over-top jointer cutters on account of its extremely high density, and very light passes are recommended. Lignum Vitae will also dull cutters, and overall is considered quite difficult to work. Also, due to its high oil content and density, it’s very difficult to get a strong and reliable glue joint. However, Lignum Vitae is an exceptional wood for turning on the lathe, and finishes well.

Thickness: 2"
Size: 6" x 6"
Original price $15.95 - Original price $34.50
Original price
$15.95 - $34.50
Current price $15.95