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ClampZilla Jr - OneTIME Tool

This OneTIME tool has expired and can no longer be purchased.

Apparently, a large percentage of Woodpeckers customers have faced the challenges of aligning board surfaces while clamping edges together, because last summer’s launch of the CLAMPZILLA 4-Way Panel Clamp was a wildly popular OneTIME Tool offer. Now, Woodpeckers is introducing CLAMPZILLA JR – all the features of the original but more appropriately scaled for the material sizes most often used in cabinetry. CLAMPZILLA JR works with stock from 1/2" to 1-1/2" and clamps up to 19-1/2" wide (37-1/2" with the optional extended bars).

The primary feature of both CLAMPZILLA designs is having a bar both above and below the panel, instead of trying to do all the work from one side. The “X” brace mechanisms on the clamping pads center the clamping pressure on your stock and apply pressure top and bottom at the same time. Slight twist or bow is forced out as the edges are drawn together. 

In addition to keeping your panels flatter, CLAMPZILLA JR saves you both time and money. It would take two regular bar clamps, two F-clamps and a set of clamping cauls to do the same work done by just one CLAMPZILLA JR. That’s four screws you would have to adjust, while CLAMPZILLA gets it done with just one. As you tighten the screw, your boards are pressed into proper alignment as the edges come together. No more anxiety-filled gluing sessions worrying about the glue drying before you get just the right amount of pressure on each clamp.

CLAMPZILLA JR is the perfect clamp when you’re making raised panel cabinet doors. Nothing could be better for keeping your panel glue-ups flat. Then, when it’s time to glue the door frame around the panel, CLAMPZILLA JR pulls the cope-and-stick joints together flat, level and flawless. 

Just like the original, Woodpeckers designed CLAMPZILLA JR for the long haul. The steel bars and clamping pads are powder-coated for a tough, long-lasting finish. The clamping mechanism components are machined from stainless steel, except the clamp screw pivot, which is machined from brass.  All machining is done on state-of-the-art CNC equipment.

If you need more than 19-1/2" of clamping capacity, it takes less than a minute to change out the standard bars for the optional extended bars. Now your CLAMPZILLA JR will clamp up to 37-1/2" (at 3/4" material thickness). 

If you need the massive thickness capacity (5/8" to 4") of the original CLAMPZILLA, you’re in luck. They’re being re-offered along with CLAMPZILLA JR If you seldom work with anything over 1-1/2", then CLAMPZILLA JR is a more convenient size…something you’re likely to use on every project you build. 

Like all OneTIME Tools, CLAMPZILLA and CLAMPZILLA JR 4-Way Panel Clamps are only made to order, precisely built and carefully inspected in Woodpeckers Strongsville, Ohio factory. The deadline to order yours is Monday May 25th, 2020. Once orders are filled, these tools will be retired from the product line. Delivery is scheduled for October 2020.